About us

From the outset there has been support given from the UK by various missionary societies which supported members of staff and in particular by the London Auxiliary Committee which later became the Ludhiana British Fellowship and is now known as the Friends of Ludhiana.

Christian Medical College at Ludhiana

When Dame (Dr.) Edith Brown started CMC in 1894, she did so with the promise of £50 from a friend and a borrowed hospital. From those humble beginnings, the work of CMC has grown and developed with the help of friends from overseas.

Today, Friends of Ludhiana in UK continues to provide financial support for CMC Ludhiana and in the past few years has been involved in raising funds for the following projects:

  • Rural Health Outreach – taking doctors to the people in the villages
  • Poor Patients – treatment for the underprivileged
  • Disaster Relief – emergency medical relief in other areas of India
  • Mobile Dental Van – taking dental care and education across the Punjab region
  • Fully-equipped Ambulance – responding to life-threatening accidents and trauma incidents
  • Sponsorship of Students – training the next generation of nurses
  • Student Accommodation – upgrading of hostel facilities
  • Hostel Infrastucture – back-up generators to maintain power to hostels
  • AMARS – Ambulance Mobike and Rescue Services

Along with the Betty Cowan Research and Innovation Centre, the Betty Cowan Community Health Research Project, the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, the painting and decorating of the hospital’s corridors and reception areas, upgrading college and hospital facilities and equipment, and so much more.