Where is Ludhiana?

Ludhiana is a city of contrasts. The area to the west of the railway, where there are wide roads, large shopping malls and expensive housing, contrasts with the old city (where CMC is situated), which is crowded, noisy and run-down. The city has one of the highest per capita incomes in India and this apparent prosperity attracts many migrants from poorer Indian states who come to Ludhiana to seek employment.

The wealthy can afford treatment in the plethora of private hospitals and clinics in Ludhiana whereas the migrants cannot afford such treatment. Often these poor patients end up at CMC for their treatment and no-one is ever turned away. The private hospitals in the wealthy part of the city tend to ‘cream off’ patients who can afford to pay for their treatment but there are some specialties at CMC which stand out and offer services superior to those elsewhere – open heart surgery and bone marrow transplantation to name but two.

It is difficult to balance being a teaching hospital and secondary referral centre on one hand and the provision for the poor and disadvantaged on the other. However, many are attracted to CMC which maintains a reputation for honest treatment of a high standard in a loving christian environment.