Professional visits

Operating Theatre
Operating Theatre

The Hospital welcomes short visits from professionals able to give discreet consultancy and advice in clinical, non-clinical and administrative departments of the institution.

The Colleges and Schools that form part of CMC welcome the visits of senior academic staff to conduct workshops and/or to give lectures to students and faculty members in their specialty.

Visits can vary in length from a few days to a couple of weeks, preferably in the winter months when climatic conditions are more favourable.
Contributions have recently been made in haematology, radiography, dentistry, epidemiology, finance and management.

  • Are you attending an international conference either in India or a neighbouring country?
  • Are you travelling to India to lecture/conduct workshops?
  • Would you be able to include a visit to CMC Ludhiana in your itinerary?

The Colleges and Hospital are also seeking opportunities for their staff to gain further knowledge and experience either through courses or training opportunities overseas or through departmental links between CMC Ludhiana and institutions overseas.

  • Does your institution run any courses open to and suitable for overseas participants?
  • Are you able to offer short training attachments to overseas professionals?
  • Can you link your department to the corresponding one at CMC for mutual sharing of information?

More information

If you have any questions, please contact our UK office for more information.