Voluntary service

cardiac-wardThe hospital also welcomes visits from suitably qualified and experienced personnel for longer periods and there are many opportunities for the exchange of knowledge, the sharing of skills and expertise and the encouragement of CMC staff in their work.

A wide range of personnel have made a worthwhile contribution in the past few years including:

  • doctors, dentists and surgeons
  • nurses and midwives
  • physiotherapists and occupational therapists
  • radiographers and pharmacists
  • biochemists and haematologists
  • cardiac and orthopaedic technicians
  • engineers
  • management consultants
  • accountants and administrators
  • maintenance

The usual financial arrangement is for the professional/academic/volunteer to pay their air fare. Board and lodging at CMC will be provided by the institution. Offers are referred by us to the Director/Senior Staff at CMC and only further progressed once a positive acceptance has been received. The application process normally includes interview and the taking up of references.

How to apply?

If you wish to serve in any voluntary capacity, please submit by email a copy of your CV with a covering letter explaining why you would like to volunteer and how you feel you could be useful.

Unknown to me my wife … had been praying that God would open up another opportunity for me … I received a letter explaining that a hospital in India was looking for someone with my experience … I spent a week at C.M.C. … I was able to demonstrate many different techniques. My hosts were very appreciative of my contributions and very ready to listen to any advice and tips (based on some 28 years’ experience).
Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist

My first assignment was … Overview of Nursing Management and Systems. … I spent my time in theatre, on the ward and in the outpatient clinics. … I was able to enrol in a workshop ‘Human Relationships in Healthcare’ … a lot of the topics covered were relevant to … my next assignment … on the Trauma and Orthopaedic Ward where teamwork and interdisciplinary relationships were the focus. … I thank God for this wonderful experience and opportunity, to join with other Christians in my passion for nursing.
Nursing Sister

Several years ago I wrote to the Friends of Ludhiana with a need of visiting ENT surgeons who would be willing to teach us the various finer aspects of surgery, which the books usually don’t give … and they managed to arrange three ENT surgeons to visit us. Prof. K was the first to come; we knew him as one of the finest teachers of Otology and we were therefore happy to receive him! We kept some patients for him whose cases required revision, which he did with great precision. (One of the patients still comes for regular follow up and he says the operated ear is a better hearing ear than his normal ear.) He was mainly supervising us and teaching us the tips, tricks and traps. His second visit was planned in such a way so that he could attend an ENT conference, at which he was the main speaker. This time he mainly focused on the doctor-patient relationship, the sharing of work and the planning of fixed days so as to achieve excellence in patient care, academics and research. His third visit was a very short visit, just for a few days where he discussed various research ideas and encouraged us to start clinical audit. This is now seen as an essential part of achieving clinical excellence. We plan to initiate this as we believe it will help us to improve our clinical outcomes.
CMC Professor, Head of ENT