Exciting news from Dhruv

We have been able to get a substantial grant for CMC through the Wellcome Trust UK LEAP SAVE project.

The project entails testing and validating new, innovative and cost effective technology in laparoscopic surgery and post operative care. CMC Ludhiana is the India centre for testing and validating this technology.

The teams involved are not just surgeons but anaesthetists and especially surgical nurses who are now leads in different parts of the project. One of my crowning glories (and yes I am boasting!!) is to have developed a surgical nurses research network across the world. This is led by CMCL with the collaboration of the University of Edinburgh and spread across Africa and South America apart from Asia. Empowering nurses in India was a dream and I think we are getting there!

We have also been delivering training in qualitative research (stories behind the numbers!) which is being led by non-surgeons.

We are also hoping to start courses in data science, data management and health economics very soon with a management school in India.

I haven’t forgotten that I am still a surgeon and had a nice operative trip to a mission hospital in Bangladesh!!  (The LAMB Hospital) It was very fulfilling and I hope to go back in February.

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