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Those of you following Sparsh Prayer Diary will know that March was Founder’s month:

Dame Edith Brown still plays a central role in life at CMC.  The teaching staff and the Fellowship department try to instil in all students, and especially the Christian minority students, the same sense of dedication and vocation shown by the founder.  “She chose God’s Way and started Christian Medical College, Ludhiana.  She followed God’s way that is why today we have a call to serve God by providing Medical Care in love, trust & hope. “

In May 2022 Dr William Bhatti went to the cemetery of All Saints Church, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir to inspect Dr Brown’s grave.  He was accompanied by Dr Parvez Haque, Head of Department of General Surgery, and Mr Atul Suroy, project manager.  They decided a headstone should be placed on the grave.  This was done on December 6th 2022 to mark the 66th anniversary of her death.  Prayers were said by Rev Eric, Presbyter in-charge and Rev Vino Kaul, Associate Presbyter of All Saints Church Srinagar.

Some doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dentists and other health care professionals trained at CMC decide to work in the mission hospitals and CMCs in India.  Others choose to work overseas and support their Alma Mater from there.  CMC is very grateful for this support which is essential if CMC is to continue to provide health care to those unable to pay.  There is a long list of names on the honours boards recognising Alumni for their contribution towards renovations in the College and Hospital.

Today will you pray that CMC’s overseas Alumni will continue to support Dr Brown’s Hospital

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