Prayers for Advent 2020

The Rev. Alex Peter and the Fellowship Department are doing their best to support everyone at CMC at this difficult time. Please support them by praying with them.

1. Pray for an early but effective Covid vaccine. We are receiving encouraging news about vaccines but any vaccine needing to be stored at -60 C would be very difficult to roll out across India.
2. Student’s regular classes and studies. Pray for the commencement of normal classes for first year students of all the colleges. The students came for admissions and after admission were sent back home. Not even a chance to take one photograph.
3. Pray for a solution to the frustration and depression issues among the young generation of the campus because of the covid restrictions.
4. Pray the projected threat of the second and third wave of infection in Punjab and India is not as serious as predicted.
5. Pray for the forthcoming Governing Body and Society meetings. That they will be able to make wise decisions in spite of the meetings being held virtually.
7. Resource generation and apt utilization for the different needs of CMC, Ludhiana. This is a prayer for those responsible for submitting grant applications and also for regular donors who give so generously. Pray that all CMC’s needs may be met.

One reply on “Prayers for Advent 2020”

The Light Shines in the Darkness and the darkness cannot put it out. Hallelujah!
May God continue to bless the Fellowship Department at CMC. Remembering you in my prayers with Thanksgiving.
May the Joy of Christmas be yours. In His Love, as ever, Rev. Jennie w.

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