Prayers for Advent 2021

The photographs show the Hospital Chapel.  Rev. Alex Peter writes “Our Hospital Chapel was constructed in 1954 and from that time onwards it is a blessing for the members of our institution. But because of age and constant exposures to elements now the roof is in shambles and leaking very badly.”  The Hospital chapel is considerably larger than the College chapel and needed to accommodate the growing number of students.  Let us pray there will be enough cement to patch up the roof before the next monsoon.

Pray for resources to fight Omicron. During the first two waves of the pandemic CMC received a great deal of local support enabling the hospital to increase its capacity considerably.  Increased capacity means greater dependency on electricity. Pray that the generators will be able to cope. Pray for the BSc. Nursing 2017 batch as they are completing their course and moving out of the campus. It has not been easy for the student nurses to complete their courses during the lockdowns, and now many will be moving to small mission hospitals where they will need to make many more readjustments to their lives. Pray for a meaningful Christmas Celebration in the CMC community and also pray that this Advent Season give us a new hope and energy to move forward in unity.   Pray for the Outreach Centres of CMCL in Lalton, Jamalpur, Hambran, Bilga, Fieldgunj & Tibba Road. Many mission hospitals in India are struggling as they lack the resources to provide the medical services required.  They are becoming very dependent on help from the Christian medical colleges.

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