The inauguration of the pathology equipment purchased in memory of Dr Reginald Paul Britt MBE

Some good news
On Tuesday October 27th our Chairman was invited to the virtual inauguration of the pathology equipment purchased in memory of Reg Britt. He reports:
“The event was attended by Dr William Bhatti, Dr Jeyaraj, Dr Anil Luther as well as all the laboratory staff. Prayers were led by Rev. Alex Peter. I was invited to say a few words about Reg. The equipment was wrapped like a present and each piece was opened by a member of the administration team with scissors. I must admit, I had envisaged the magnet to be quite large whereas it is the size of a teacup!”
The magnet cost £3,000 and is an EasySep immunomagnetic system for isolating immune cells. Dr Kanwardeep Kwatra set up FISH (fluorescent in situ hybridisation) services at CMC. These tests had not previously been available in Punjab. Since FISH has been available in Ludhiana, many more patients have been diagnosed at CMC without the need to travel long distances for further investigations. The number of patients is increasing steadily. The Head of Department is Dr Roma Issacs and this new equipment will enable Dr Preethi Paul to select out plasma cells for a more accurate diagnosis of multiple myeloma mutations and translocations by FISH testing.

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