Covid Update from the Director CMC Ludhiana

Dear Keith

Greetings from CMC Ludhiana. This is to confirm, with gratitude, the receipt of £30,000/-(Rs.30,86,025).

Through this email I would like to convey our gratitude to you and everybody else at Friends of Ludhiana UK for the much needed financial assistance and prayer support now and throughout the last year.
The year has been tough and the overwhelming second wave in India has worsened things putting huge strains on our healthcare workers with many being afflicted. The prayers of many have ensured that we have not lost anybody in CMC Ludhiana to the virus and we pray that the good lord will continue to watch over us.
The pandemic, as you know, has also been a massive drain on our finances and any help there is welcome and we are thankful to all of you.
Due to the crippling second wave we have had to upgrade a lot of our facilities to manage Covid-19 patients.
We have now had to convert Ward 9 (Neurosurgery) and Ward 11 (Neurology + Neurosurgery) to Level 3 Covid ICUs. We have had to relocate the Neurosciences facilities elsewhere.
We have also had to convert Ward 2 (Gen Surgery) as well as the Ophthalmology block into Level 2 Covid Facilities with Non Invasive ventilation and Oxygen supplies. This is in addition to Ward 5 and 6, which are now Level 2 Covid Facilities.
We have also made an additional Level 1 Covid facility in the existing Dermatology ward.
We have relocated the emergency department towards the Ob/Gynae block. This has been done as the present ER has been converted to a Covid emergency room.
You would have read about the paucity of oxygen supplies across India. Fortunately we are still managing to cater to this huge influx. We have now had to upgrade our Oxygen facilities with new oxygen generators and hopefully a new liquid oxygen plant.
All of us in India are expecting a bigger third wave. While we hope it does not happen, it would be prudent to be ready.
Please let me know if you have any other suggestions on what we can do.
Please do keep all of us in your prayers.

With kind regards

William Bhatti
Christian Medical College Ludhiana

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