Prayer and Praise September 2021

Yes!  We may give thanks patients are able to travel safely to the hospital. Punjab is now almost fully open. There are no lockdowns. 

New students’ council, medical college

Students are all back and attending classes.   All the college activities are cautiously returning to normal.

The process of admitting new students to all colleges has begun.

All services in chapels and wards are happening normally. The Fellowship department members are busy in all the different ministries.  The picture shows the Dedication of the new Students’ Council of the Christian Medical College. 

New Prayer requests: 

The College of Physiotherapy will hold annual exams by the end of the month of September.  Pray that these will go ahead without interruption.

Forthcoming Governing Body and Society meetings: pray these will go ahead successfully and all remote conferencing facilities will work well.

Admission process for all the five colleges: especially pray for the Office of Registrar and Principals’ Offices of all colleges. 

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