Key points from the Director’s Report March 2022

Update from CMC

Covid Pandemic  The third wave of Covid reached a peak in Ludhiana in January 2022 but this had been predicted by the Department of Community Medicine and CMC was well-prepared to cope.  Facilities  and equipment were further improved with support from local businesses and the Police Public Foundation.  During later 2021 as lockdown was eased, OPD attendances increased by about 25% compared with 2020, but with the third wave of the pandemic elective surgery again ceased on instructions from the Civil Surgeon of Ludhiana.

Plant and Facilities  The Oxygen Plant was inaugurated on 13 December 2021.  The new Director’s office was opened on 17 December 2021 and the old office is being renovated to accommodate the Department of Medical Oncology.  The alumni of 1983 have raised sufficient money to supply a lot of equipment to the Department of Physiology.

Medical and Dental Colleges  The intake of medical students has been increased to 100 per year [currently 75 per year]. In the Dental College the overall pass rate for BDS was 84% and for MDS 100%.

Hospital Information Management System  This is now working well after some initial teething problems.  A requirement for about 300 new computers has been identified which will be purchased over the next 2 – 3 years.

Peripheral centres  In the outskirts of Ludhiana a new weekly OPD service has been established at Kausar Hospital, Malerkotla.  CMC is already working in Hambran, Bilga, Lalton Kalan and Tibba Road.

Future Development  The hospital is working towards a dedicated set-up for critical care.  There is an intention to replace the ageing electrical substation.  This is considered essential as the care of patients requires a dependable supply of electricity.

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I am encouraged and delighted to read of your good news. God bless you all.
Professor Robert Arnott (University of Oxford) UK
Former Chairman of the Board of Bilga General Hospital

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