Prayers for Lent 2017

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain. Unless the Lord guards the city, the guards keep watch in vain.”

Alex Peter writes “By God’s grace one more term of the Fellowship Department’s ministry in CMC, Ludhiana is getting completed. As a department, God gave us the opportunity to enter in 2017. In midst of all the distractions from life and world around us, we want to remain focused to our ministry of spreading Love, Faith and Hope in CMC.”

This year the Reverend Alex Peter has asked you to remember the work of the Fellowship Department in your prayers during Lent.  Based next to the Director’s office the Fellowship Department has a pivotal role to play in the running of the institution.  There are eight staff members (2 chaplains, 1 assistant chaplain, 2 Senior Evangelists, 1 Evangelist and 2 attendants).  Over the last twelve months together they have concentrated particularly on helping people to address life and control their problems.

Please remember them all as they plan the services and celebrations for Easter.

Rev. Alex Peter is serving in the Institutional Ethics Committee and Patient’s Rights Education Committee.  Pray this committee will make all its decisions in the patients’ best interests.

The Department provides counselling to patients, staff and students.  Pray for God’s guidance as the counselling takes place.

Pray for the ministry to patients: the bedside visits, the ward services.  Pray that tracts and literature placed in designated areas in the Hospital will be used by visitors.  Gideon’s Ministry in Ludhiana and the Bible Society of India provide the Bibles, tracts and literature.

Some of the students are sponsored by Christian organizations, and after completing their studies they are bonded to that organization for some time.  As part of the ministry among students the Fellowship Department organizes meetings with sponsored students and their sponsoring body.  Pray these meetings will be meaningful and a lasting relationship will be built between the student and their sponsor.


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