Celebrating Dr. Dame Edith Brown

An exhibition about our founder Dr. Dame Edith Brown is currently held at The Beacon Museum in Whitehaven in the United-Kingdom. In this exhibition, you can see medical implements and medicines from Dame Edith’s era, as well as pictures and artefacts directly connected to her life’s work.
Some of our donors and supporters have already visited the museum.

This event is part of the “Celebrating Women of Cumbria 2018” programme organised by the Cumbria region.

The exhibition runs from 13 January to 25 March 2018.

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I didnt hear about his exception, is this exception of Dr Edith Brown still there. I would love to see it as she is my ancestor & our family still live in Whitehaven.

Dear Melissa –

I was very interested to read your message (above). Another relative of Dame Edith has been in touch with me – as I am also one of that privileged bank! I’d be delighted to share what he has shared with me – eg the family tree illustrating the links between us. I am also using Dame Edith for a talk in church this Mothering Sunday, focusing on women who ‘defied the odds’ so often stacked set against them – although she was of course never a mother herself!

I daresay we can make contact – but I also have a Facebook page and we could take things from there. Or Rosemary or Ursula (if you know them) of Friends of Ludhiana could put us in touch, as I gather it may not be wise to put an email address on this website alas!

With best wishes – Lionel

I got interested in the remarkable life of Dr Brown while working on the family tree of my grandfather. I’ve been told that the land where the Christian Medical College now stands once belonged to my grandfather’s family . Apparently they sold the land around 1894 and moved to Srinagar( India). If anyone on this group has any record of this- pictures/ the date of the sale the name of the seller ( my great grand father was Bhagwan Das) I don’t know if it was him or his father who sold the land. I am trying to record seven generations of the family and so far I’ve reached back till the 6th so any details would be welcome. Thank you

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