Prayer and Praise April 2018

At our last Council meeting of Friends of Ludhiana UK, we resolved to make Monday 23 April 2018 a Day of Prayer for The Christian Medical Colleges and Hospital Ludhiana. You are invited to join us on that day at any time, where ever you may be.

Pray for wisdom and guidance for the new Director and his senior leadership team.

Pray for other senior staff that they will proactively be involved with the new management team.

Pray that senior clinicians now in management can carry their extra burden without reducing their clinical commitments.

Pray for those senior staff nearing retirement, and those who have recently retired that they will encourage younger colleagues to continue to carry the baton for Edith Brown and her hospital.

And pray for Rev. Alex Peter and the Fellowship team as they support all staff, students, patients and relatives.

(Picture: Rev. Alex Peter and Dr. William Bhatti at the Dedication of the new Director)

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